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Stitched Michael Pierce Jersey
Roy Hilton Stitched Morgan Cox Jersey , a defensive end best remembered for helping the Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V, has died at the age of 75.A 6-foot-6, 240-pounder who was often described as looking more like a basketball player than a football player, Hilton proved quick out of his stance and difficult to handle. That was seen most in Super Bowl V, when the Cowboys lined up All-Pro offensive tackle Ralph Neely against Hilton, thinking Neely would get the better of the matchup and they could run behind him all game. Instead, Hilton held his own against the run and blew past Neely on passing plays, twice sacking Cowboys quarterback Craig Morton and once pressuring him into an interception.“After the game, Mac [Colts coach Don McCafferty] came over to me Youth Morgan Cox Jersey , shook my hand and just said, ‘Thanks,'” Hilton recalled years later to the . “That was the highlight of my entire career. See, I was fired up for the Super Bowl because, beforehand, Dallas had switched Neely from one side of its offensive line to the other. They wanted to get him away from [Colts All-Pro defensive end] Bubba Smith. I guess they thought I was easy pickings for Neely, and it ticked me off.”A ticked off Hilton was a danger to opposing quarterbacks. Although sacks were not an official statistic in those days, he got to the quarterback regularly and was a starter on one of the best defenses in football.A native of Mississippi, Hilton played his college football at Jackson State and was drafted in 1965 by both the Colts in the NFL and the Houston Oilers in the American Football League. He chose the Colts and spent nine seasons with them Stitched Matt Judon Jersey , then played one year with the Giants and after considering retirement spent a final year with the Falcons in 1975. He missed only one game in his 11 seasons, and is remembered as a steady and reliable teammate, who helped his team win a Super Bowl. With division races heating up, teams must rapidly make adjustments and improve in order to remain positioned for the postseason. The Baltimore Beatdown standings continue to fluctuate, proving that it is hard to pinpoint what teams will find success from week-to-week. Readers are moving up the board once again and can continue to vote for all games in the polls at the end of this article. Current standings: Frank and Kyle A. (67-38)Sage and readers (63-42)Jake (62-43)Kyle B., Vas and Zach (61-44)Dustin (60-45)Logan (59-46)An analysis of the Baltimore Beatdown staff picksConsensus winnersThe Texans will defeat the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football (HOU -7.5)The Chiefs will win against the Broncos (KC -10.0)The Steelers will take down the Browns (PIT -8.5)The Colts will beat the Raiders (IND -3.0)The Patriots will be victorious over the struggling Bills (NE -14.0)Houston is on a four game win streak and currently leads the AFC South. Miami’s early success has come to a halt, and DeVante Parker’s agent is calling out head coach Adam Gase in the media. On a short week, the Texans appear poised to continue their winning ways. With Kansas City and the Chargers rolling, the Broncos are a distant 3-4 in the AFC West. Despite a close finish in their first matchup Youth Matt Judon Jersey , Denver simply cannot win a shoot out with Patrick Mahomes. Cleveland will be worn down from another overtime loss, this time to Tampa Bay in Week 7. The Steelers know Cincinnati and Baltimore are breathing down their neck in the AFC North race and will approach the divisional game with intensity.The Raiders are stock piling for the 2019 draft, most recently sending Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for a first-round pick. Gruden has seemingly given up on his first year back with Raiders, leaving nothing but opportunity for the Colts on the road. Succinctly put, this is a ‘Sharpie’ game for New England on Monday Night Football. Buffalo is a mess, most recently getting blown out by Indianapolis 37-5. ‘Lone wolf’ picksFrank is the only writer to predict the Jets to beat the Bears (CHI -7.5)Vas is alone in thinking the Giants will defeat the Redskins (WSH -1.0)Zach goes against the majority in selecting the Buccaneers to take down the Bengals (CIN -4.5)Logan is solo in taking the Jaguars over the Eagles (PHI -3.0)Chicago fought to the bitter end against the Patriots in Week 7, and their 12th ranked defense should be able to overwhelm rookie quarterback Sam Darnold on the road. The Giants may have closed the gap against a less than stellar Falcons team last week, but the majority of Beatdown predicts Washington to extend their lead in the NFC East. Tampa Bay barely got past Cleveland, and while the Bengals have dropped two straight Stitched Michael Pierce Jersey , the Chiefs and the Steelers are contenders in the AFC. Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville offense have derailed the Jaguars defensive prowess. While the championship hangover has not escaped Philly, Carson Wentz still has a 108.1 passer rating this season compared to Bortles’ 80.3. No rest for the heartbrokenAfter a tough, one-point loss to the Saints in Week 7, the Ravens travel to Carolina this week. The Panthers are undefeated at home thus far and are currently chasing New Orleans in the NFC South. This Sunday, Newton will be coming off limited practice participation due to a right shoulder injury to face one of the best defenses in the league. It is worth noting that Cam Newton and company defeated the Bengals 31-21 in Week 3. The line (BAL -2.0) favors the Ravens; however, five of nine writers pick Baltimore’s away record to fall to 2-3 on the season.All writers’ picks can be found in the table below.NFL Week 8 PicksGamesFrankKyle A.SageJakeKyle B.VasilisZachDustinLoganBB ReadersGamesFrankKyle A.SageJakeKyle B.VasilisZachDustinLoganBB ReadersVote below for every Week 8 matchup!

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