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The 2018 NFL Draft has just finished up
With so many old faces in new places in the upcoming season L.J. Collier Jersey , we’re all incredibly excited for it to get started. While we all love to discuss the MVP race, who will win their respective divisions and obviously, the Super Bowl matchup and result, but today, we are going to look much further into the upcoming year.The NFL these days has become a passing league. What used to be a rare feat is now occurring with incredible regularity, with some passers even averaging over 5000 passing yards during the season. However, the benchmark for a great passing year in terms of yards is 4000 these days , but it’s not exactly easy.Some teams have improved and added more offensive weapons, while other teams are now going to focus on their run game to get points up on the scoreboard. There are many QB’s that have the potential to pass the 4000 yard passing plateau, so sit back and read along as we look at eight QB’s who are going to achieve the feat and eight who are going to fall short for one reason or another. Every team has that perfect fit for their roster that they want to sign every free agency period. Unfortunately, most teams won’t sign that player due to cap issues, or the player’s interest in another team. Some teams have very high expectations on who they would like to sign, while other teams are very quiet with who they’re interested during the offseason, and play it safe. Seeing how open each division is this season D.K. Metcalf Jersey , could make for a very fun 2019 offseason.Fans are so used to the NFL having those few dominant teams that rule the league. This season, has been completely different. We have seen plenty of upsets, and there aren't many teams that are surefire Super Bowl contenders. Some divisions including the NFC East, remain wide open. Considering how difficult it may be to win this season, it will force a lot of teams to make a splash in free agency.So, fast forward to after this season ends. There’s a lot of talent available this coming free agency. Every team could find a player to help improve their team if they’re willing to spend the money. So, let’s take all of the free agents from next year , and match them up with who they will sign with. Obviously, some free agents will sign with the same teams, so we will list the most important that will sign with their team.Teams will definitely benefit from next year’s free agency, following a talented draft class. Adding some of these free agents will help take teams to the next level that they believe they can succeed with.

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